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Reaching God - Touching Lives

We believe in one God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
(Genesis 1:2; Matthew 5:16; 6:1,4,8,9; John 1:1; James 1:17; 1:19; 2 Peter 1:21)

We believe God is the Creator of all things.
(Genesis 1:1; Acts 17:24-28; Hebrews 11:3)

We believe in Jesus Christ, God's only Son and Savior of the world.
(John 1:14; John 3:16; Hebrews 1:1-3; 1 John 4:9)
Conceived by the Holy Spirit(Matthew 1:18)
Born of a virgin(Matthew 1:18; Luke 1:26-27)
Died on the cross, was buried, and rose again bodily from the grave(Luke 23:44-24:8; John 20:24-29; 1 Corinthians 15:3-8)
Ascended into Heaven; seated at the Father's right hand(Luke 22:69; Acts 1:1-9; Colossians 3:1)
Who will return to Earth to judge both the living and the dead(Matthew 24:36-42; John 14:1-3; Acts 1:10-11; 10:39-42; 1 Peter 4:5)

We believe in the Holy Spirit.
A personality who is part of the triune God(Matthew 28:19; John 16:5-15: Acts 1:7-8)
Who indwells every Christian(1 Corinthians 3:15; 6:19; 2 Timothy 1:14)
Who empowers Christians for works of service(1 Corinthians 12:4-11)
Who enables us to live Christ-Like lives(Galatians 5:16-25)

We believe in the Bible.
God's Holy Word...without error in its original form, and inspired by the Holy Spirit(1 Corinthians 2:12-13; 2 Timothy 3:14-16; 2 Peter 1:20-21)

We accept the Bible as the final authority.
For all matters of faith and practice(Isaiah 40:8; Romans 15:4; 2 Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 4:12)

We believe that man, created by God, willfully sinned.
As a result of sin, man is lost and without hope apart from Jesus Christ(Acts 4:12; Romans 3:23)

We believe that salvation.
The forgiveness of sins - comes by grace through the blood of Jesus Christ(Matthew 26:28; Romans 5:9; Ephesians 2:8,9; 1 Peter 1:18-19; 1 John 1:7)

We believe the Bible teaches that the pattern to follow to receive Christ as Savior.
To believe in Christ as God's Son and Savior to the world, to repent of personal sin, to Confess Christ as Lord, and to immersed in Baptism.  Each of these is clearly taught in the Word of God(Romans 5:1-2; Luke 24:45-47; Acts 3:19; 17:30; 2 Peter 3:9; Matthew 10:32; Romans 10:9-10; 1 John 4:15; Acts 2:38; Romans 6:1-7; Galatians 3:27; Colossians 2:12; 1 Peter 3:21)

We believe that the church is the body and bride of Christ.
Founded on the day of Pentecost, consisting of all Christians everywhere(Matthew 16:13-18; Acts 2:14-47)

We believe God has ordained Elders.
To exercise spiritual leadership and authority over the local congregation(Acts 20:28; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4)

We believe that death seals the eternal destiny of each person.
When Christ returns, He will formally pronounce the eternal fate of each individual, both living and dead.  The saved will be assigned eternal life; the unsaved, eternal seperation from God(Daniel 12:2; John 5:29; John 6:39; Romans 8:10-11; 19-23)

Stokelan Drive Christian Church exists to attract people to Jesus Christ and to teach them how to develop a personal, daily relationship with Him.  We seek to equip all believers for ministry and encourage all our members to be a force for good in the world in which we live.

We pattern ourselves after the church as revealed in the Book of Acts, "...continuing steadfastly in the Apostles' doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer."

We are an independent church, in that we are not governed by any outside denominational structure.  We elect our own leaders and they direct the affairs of the church under the leadership of the Holy Spirit in accordance with God's Word.

We believe in outreach, locally, nationally and internationally, and support a variety of mission efforts.

We seek to be nondenominational encouraging all believers to put aside man-made creeds and titles.  We call ourselves "Christians," (Acts 11:26), and use the Bible as our only rule of faith and practice(2 Timothy 3:16,17)

Traditional & Contemporary Music
We lead congregational singing in a Blended Worship style.  Both Traditional and Contemporary are sung regularly most Sunday mornings.

We partake of the Lord's Supper every Sunday.  We also serve communion during evening services for those who are unable to attend the Sunday morning worship.

We believe in leading the people in a togetherness of worship so that the Lord will be edified and not for our self edification.
We primarily as a church body outreach through missions, friends, family, and special events that occur within our church agenda.  We have many dinners to give our members several opportunities to invite others to these special events.  Small groups who meet in homes is another way to extend visitations.  One large outreach ministry is "THE LIVING NATIVITY."  We have over 100 members in the cast and are visited by more than 800 people during the four night extravaganza.

City Functions
We offer personal volunteer help to the city of Malden, whether it is transporting people to and from parking lots, or walk along and pick up trash during city fun day events.  We get involved in holiday parades and support our local school system by being part of the Malden Ministerial Alliance with funding for College Scholarships.

If you need two or more of our ministers or elders to pray with you or to express to the congregation of specific needs and prayers, feel free to call the office.  Our ministers and elders try to be available for this kind of ministry at all times.  Our leadership will also be more than willing to visit your home for the first time if you have been a recent visitor.  Be sure to let us know by either calling or filling out a form that is always placed in our Sunday morning handouts.  We do not want anyone to go unmissed.

Answer is "YES!"
We almost always tell our own members "YES!"  If you have an idea of a church ministry, be sure that you have prayed about it and are willing to take lead of the ministry idea yourself.  Be sure it will not be costly as we have several other ministries that need just as much support.  Make sure you have several others in the congregation that are willing to help this type of ministry.  Then the answer is usually "YES!"  We would rather your ministry be blessed and thrive, and not just be an idea that sets motionless.  With these things in mind, we always want to encourage our members to lead others to Christ.
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